With the flowers blooming and the trees budding, you may feel inspired to “spring clean” your entire home and we’re here to help with a few simple steps. In this blog, we’re breaking down your spring cleaning plans by room and by tasks. You’ll feel accomplished with your fully cleaned home, all year long.


Let’s start with the heart of the home, the living room + dining room:

●       Refresh your decorations. There’s no need to buy a new couch or new rugs when you can enhance your current space with small treasures. Add new throw pillows on the couch or picture frames around the room to create a feeling of “newness.”

●       Clear off all of your table tops and dust them well.

●       Vacuum and get your carpet cleaned. Carpets are the keepers of all dirt and outside pollutants so it’s important to give them a deep clean once a year.


Now for your personal space, the bedroom:

●     The temperatures are warming up which means it’s time to lighten up your bedding. Trade your wool comforter for a lightweight and breathable down comforter.

●     Get rid of excess clothing. As seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Now’s the time to remove any and all clothing that no longer serves you. The best part is, you can donate the clothes or give them to someone in need. Not sure what to get rid of? A good rule: If you haven’t worn it a year, it’s time to part ways.


One clean kitchen coming right up:

●       Do you have expired foods in the pantry? Go through cupboards and your fridge to throw out all expired foods.

●       Nothing makes a kitchen feel new like freshly mopped floors. Sweep or vacuum the floors first to pick up any crumbs and then mop. Pro tip: Use a scented soap like lemon to have the entire house smelling clean.

●       The stove top is another prime area for bacteria to accumulate. Get a baking soda multi-surface kitchen cleaning spray and get to scrubbing.


Finally, let’s take it outside:

●       Welcome your guests with a new welcome mat. Mats get dirty and dusty fast so now is a great time to update.

●       Spruce up your garden and clear it of weeds and dead leaves.

●       Spray down your outside furniture. They will shine bright when the sunshine arrives.


These small changes will help you get ready and excited for the new spring season. Interested in learning more tips on your home and garden? Join us at the Austin Spring Home Show. It’s taking place at the Palmer Events Center March 27 - March 29. In addition to these fun and fabulous features, we will have hundreds of local home improvement experts ready to help you with your next project! A must-attend event for Austin homeowners, it’s not too late to get your tickets! Tickets available in the link here. Follow along for updates on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Mar 12, 2020, 14:51 PM